Çorum to increase exports together with railway

Çorum will increase exports together with the railway: AKP Çorum deputy Cahit Bağcı'ya Çorum Railway Project to enter the government program, writing a letter of thanks to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Erdem Çenesiz, 46 as a company that exports to the country will increase the enthusiasm of the railway, he said. Bağcı also said that the railway is vital for our city.

Erdem Çenesiz, Chairman of the Board of ECE Group, wrote a letter to AKP Çorum Member of Parliament and Planning and Budget Commission Member Cahit Bağcı and expressed his gratitude for his participation in the Government program of the railway.

In his letter to the deputy Bağcı, Çenesiz said san We would like to thank you for your railway project which is in your government program as Çorumlu and it will bring Çorum to the Mediterranean “.

Ister We would like to express that we, as a Çorumlu, who exports to 46 country, and many of our industrialists are committed to increasing our exports along with this railway line, and have already given the promise of this. We express our gratitude for your continued success with these feelings and thoughts duygu

Un We have always acted with this understanding and mission, eme said Bağcı, who is well aware that the railway has vital importance for the development, leaping and growth of Çorum. Çorumliler this platform on each platform and the occasion. On the one hand, we finalized the stages of the project's feasibility (Surveying, Planning, Feasibility, EIA and Preliminary Project). The fact that the project has been entered into the 62 government program and is to be procured and implemented by means of financing means in a sense the guarantee of the Government. Corum with this project will provide a greater contribution to faster growth and national income will develop as Turkey "was reported in the form of opinions.

Bağcı thanked the people who were looking for their thanks as the representatives of Çorum.




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