Chp Siirt Provincial Chairman Bilek'den Minister Elvan'a 10. Year Anthem Response

Chp Siirt Provincial Chairman Bilek'den Minister Elvan'a 10. Year Anthem Response: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan who came to Siirt for talks, the meeting held at the teacher's center of the 10.Yil Marşı to say that the readers did not make a kilometer rail CHP President's reaction was pulled.

10.Yıl Marşı readers say that the railway did not make a mile CHP President's reaction was pulled.

Speaking at the meeting attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations and political parties in Siirt, Minister Elvan said, "Someone is reading the 10th Anniversary, did those who read the 10th Anniversary build a kilometer railway?" Reminding that 15 million people live in Istanbul, Minister Elvan said that their priorities are the places where the population is dense. Minister Elvan said, “We will also deliver railways to Siirt, but our country is well known. We do not act here with an extremely populist approach. Look at the governments, what was he doing before the elections? Whether there was money or not, they were not looking at what they had in their budgets, they were hurting and thrashing. "We invested 12 million liras."

CHP Siirt Provincial President Nevaf Bilek at the meeting, after talking and introducing himself, “I want to enlighten you in the sense of wish. You are saying that you have made 665 million investments. No new road has been built in Siirt. For those who read the 10th Year Anthem, you said that you did not build a 1 kilometer railway.

Then, Minister Elvan, who took the microphone, said, “I remember Mustafa Kemal, the founder of our republic, with mercy. Do not compare yourself with others. The point is that our investments in the places under the dam are only in the framework of the Ilusu of the state. There is also a road on Pervari. Do not distort them, Siirt-Eruh, Siirt-Kurtalan highway, this is not the case, ”he said.

The meeting then continued with the answer to the question.



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