Let Çandarlı Port not be left to its fate

Do not leave Çandarlı Port to its fate: EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar stated that Çandarlı Port will play a major role in achieving 2023 goals as İzmir's logistics center, and said that it will not be abandoned to its fate.
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) Chairman Ender Yorgancılar'dan, 15 May 2011 laid the foundation for the decision to leave the fate of the Çandarlı Harbor came. Yorgancilar stated that the project started in 2011 and that there could not be any progress due to technical reasons. He emphasized that Çandarlı has attracted attention as the most important project of İzmir.

Yorgancilar stated that Çandarlı Port will play an important role in achieving 2023 targets as the logistics center of İzmir. Lu Çandarlı, 2 is the world's number with its quay length and 4 million TEU (international ship trading container measure) capacity reach is shown as one of the ports. However, we are very sad to see that; In the project, which started in 12, there is no progress due to technical reasons. Beyond revitalizing the regional trade; North Aegean Çandarlı Port Project, which is in a very important position with the added value it will create in the employment, raw material and finished product stage, is currently waiting idle. sağla


In addition to intense global competition, Yorgancılar emphasized the geopolitical risks arising from the geography of our country and expressed the demand for changes in the tender specifications regarding the construction of Çandarlı Port. Yorgancılar, em The Federal Reserve Bank - FED's decision to raise interest rates in the near future and the emergence of our vulnerabilities is already keeping a number of threats on our country. Therefore, we have to work harder, produce more and sell what we produce. In such a process, a project like Çandarlı Port cannot be kept idle. On the 5 November 2013 tender, it is very clear that if no company offers a bid, it is very clear that it is necessary to change certain conditions. When we look at the end, waiting for a port and waiting to be faced with a table of Izmir. Da he said.


Stressing that the requests and wishes of the EBSO are not to be suspended in any Izmir project, Yorgancılar said: askı We do not think that this is just an İzmir project. It is an important investment for our region and of course for our country. For this reason, as stated by the Chamber of Shipping Izmir Branch, it will be sufficient to have 500 thousand TEU capacity and 500 m berth length in the first phase of the tender considering that the port can only be reached in the first years and the remaining capacity will be idle. . In this way, the most recent re-tender and follow-up of the project to be followed because of the interests of our country. We ask for support in the completion of the Çandarlı Port project, which is one of the opinion leaders of İzmir, from the opinion leaders of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Ta

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