Canakkale bridge for the first time in the plan

For the first time, the Dardanelles bridge has been on the agenda. According to the 1 / 100 thousand-scale zoning plan, which was prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for Balıkesir-Çanakkale and the Bozcaada which was brought up today, the new bridge will be built between the village of Kocaveli in Lapseki and Sütlüce village of Gelibolu.
The bridge that will connect the two sides of ÇANAKKALE Boğazı entered the new 1 / 100 scale development project prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for Balıkesir-Çanakkale. The construction of the bridge, which will completely change the face of the Marmara Region, has been on the agenda for years. However, there was no bridge in the picture. According to the new zoning plan, the bridge will be built between the Kocaveli village of Lapseki and the Sütlüce village of Gallipoli. The length of the new bridge will be 3 thousand 700 meters.

Here is the place of the bridge
If the bridge is completed, it will be connected to the Izmir-Istanbul highway, which is currently under construction and has come to Balıkesir. Lapseki and Gallipoli regions where the bridge's feet were built according to the notes of the zoning plan have already been declared an urban development area. These regions will also be indirectly opened for zoning. According to the plan, the expected population in 2040 for the Çanakkale and Balıkesir region is 4 million 578 thousand. This number corresponds to almost 2012 of the 1 million 654 thousand inhabitants of the region in 3. Experts say the region will not remove such a high population growth.
Will cause ecological problems
ÇANAKKALE Bosphorus Bridge will reveal serious ecological problems, Bursa Chamber of City Planners President Hakan Karademir '' Gallipoli and Lapseki coast of the bridge with the feet of the plan 'urban development area' as specified. When a bridge is constructed in any place in our country, the surrounding of the bridge is opened immediately. The same situation is currently available for the Çanakkale Bosphorus bridge. The 1 / 100 is planning to open the regions where the Dardanelles Bosphorus Bridge is located. Our calculations show that the Dardanelles Bosphorus Bridge will have a length of about 3 thousand 700 meters. A bridge of this length will cause serious ecological problems. ''
Which areas of the plan are zoning?
In the new plan, a large part of the southern coast of Gökçeada was declared a tourism region. New hotels and new touristic buildings can be built in the southern coastal area of ​​Gökçeada. Some of the agricultural areas near Gökçeada's city center have been declared as urban development areas. Housing in these areas can be made.

The southern coastal region of Bozcaada opens under the name of urban development. New buildings can be built in this area, including Akvaryum Bay. The eastern coast of the island is opened under the name of 'tourism facility zone'. In this area, tourist hotels can be made.

Industrial area
Some regions of Balıkesir and Çanakkale have been designated as industrial areas. Bandırma is the most striking region among the industrial areas. An area of ​​approximately 4800 hectares, located on the border of Bandırma, is shown as an industrial zone. An industrial area of ​​this size, which has a unique size throughout the country, has a capacity to affect not only Bandırma but the whole Marmara Region.

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