Çamlıca-Batıkent tram routes laid on the intersection of the joy of the people of the neighborhood

Çamlıca-Batıkent tram services put the joy of the people in the neighborhood: With the opening of schools, the Çarşı tram services were increased by the Metropolitan Municipality and the people of Batıkent and Çamlıca were victimized. Since the tram lines belonging to Batıkent and Çamlıca lines were given to the Çarşı line, the tram services, which were every 13 minutes, were increased to 20 minutes. The 1 tram stop from Batıkent and Çamlıca tram stops left the citizens in a difficult situation.

Citizens using the Çamlıca and Batıkent line said that they were glad that the tram came to their neighborhoods, but it was not right to pass the 1 tram only during the 3 hour.

“They did without informing”

Residents said they didn't know that the tram service was sparse, “It is still written in the stops and posters that the frequency of trips is 13 minutes. The citizen is not notified that the 20 has been removed to the minute. We go to work. 20 minutes to tram is a very long time. If we skip one tram, we'il be late for work and school until the other one comes. We want our grievance remedied. Tepki

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