Bursanın Tokası The Arabs Fly the Passenger Number in the Cable Car

The Icon of the Bursas Teleferik in the number of passengers flew the Arabs: the city center between Uludag and the road to the alternative transportation to the cable car, after the renewal, most Arab tourists 3 322 700 people served in the month ı Bursa Teleferik iyle, until the year by adding 4 miles to the hotels region With the extension of the 8,5 will go up and will be the yolcu longest ropeway in the world Alt.

The ropeway, which became a symbol of the city and provides alternative transportation between Uludağ and the city center in Bursa, has been replaced by the 3 bin 322, a large number of Arab tourists.

The 4,5 passenger cabins in the 8 kilometers between Teferrüç-Sarıalan and the 12 passenger cabins are planned to be extended to the hotel area by the year until 8,5, and the XNUMX will be the tipi longest cable car in the world ler.

Mayor Recep Altepe, AA correspondent, said in a statement, the construction of the 1957 and 1963'den starting the old line has been completed 50 years, reminding that the entire system renewed the ropeway was commissioned in early June.

Altepe emphasized that the capacity of the lift increased by 10, “Previously carrying thousands of passengers a day around the 10 thousand passengers can carry around. The 10 has already increased in practice, and we carry the passenger we carry in one year. This shows that we have reached our goals. Bu

Altepe said the old call to Uludag is quite a troublesome, said:

Ord Because the cable car could do only like an 4 time, but the 30 person could get 120. If the 10 clock is out, a thousand 200 people, this is not enough and our citizens often avoid waiting for a queue for hours and more or less on the road. Now all the guests coming here now, our friends can ride all the ropes of Uludag ride easily. They don't expect much anymore. There was a standing journey. When he first started 35-40 passenger took the 30'ların later. Up to a maximum of 8 people are currently boarding, and you can travel anywhere in the family. You can watch all around the glass cabinet. Panoromical, beautiful journey. Panor

”The cable car line will be extended to the hotels area by Christmas“

The most popular and known aspect of Uludağ is çalış skiing and winter tourism ”. Altepe reported that the second stage of the existing line, which currently serves until the Sarıalan site, has been extended to the neden hotels zone Ulu.

Altepe, said the construction will be completed in a short time and ready for service, said:

Or Currently, concrete constructions, mast stands, station buildings are being prepared. I hope our goal is; their installation before the winter environment and the cable car to extend to the hotel until the year. In this way, you can easily go skiing in Uludağ by using the facilities in Bursa instead of having to stay in facilities in Uludağ for skiing. In fact, the system we established in Istanbul in the morning out of the house, Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO) binerek come here, when you land in Mudanya rail system, passing from the rail system to the ropeway in a very short time to the bottom of the ski slope. 4,5 hours of skiing per day and again in Istanbul, the evening may be at home. Gün

In order to carry more people to Uludağ, Altepe mentioned that the prices were applied to two years ago. The new system conveyed 10 to thousands of people in Uludağ instead of one thousand, which would reduce the traffic on the highway and therefore reduce the traffic congestion on the Bursa-Uludağ road.

Orsa 5 is riding a Turk if the Arab is riding on the ropeway “

Bursa Teleferik Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Ilker Cumbul the most interesting interest in the cable car attracted the attention of Arab tourists. Cumbul, said:

Iy If the 5 is riding on the ropeway, a Turk is riding. Of course, in the summer months, this was the point of being the beautiful, pleasant point of Bursa for the Arabs. This rate will vary, but especially during the winter months of July and August, the months of Ramadan, many Arabs do not come to Turkey, they want to spend Ramadan in an Arab country, but it was gratifying to Bursa influx after Ramadan ends. Hotels in Bursa, artisans were very impressed by this Arab flow. I think there has been an increase in Arab tourists by 60-65 per cent compared to last year. Iy

Recalling that the renewed ropeway 7 started to carry passengers in June,. 3 was our 322 bin 700 passenger per month. 85 percent of them already in the form of round trip. Our goal is already; 1 million people per year was to carry. 'We'll exceed the number comfortably,' he predicts, '' the evaluation found.

The second stage of the cable car "hotels district" will continue to work fast, indicating that Cumbul, 1 trial expeditions said they were planning to start in December. . The helicopter is about to plant the next poles at the beginning of October. At the moment our reinforced concrete works are finished along the line. We started construction of the station. I guess we will bring our guests in December. Tahmin

Bulunuy Bursa Teleferik fer, after the movement center Teferrüç, has a thousand 231 meter-high Kadıyayla and one thousand 635 meter-high Sarıalan stations.

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