Bursa High-speed train tunnel construction fire (Video)

A fire broke out in the Bursa High Speed ​​Train Tunnel Construction: A fire broke out in the ongoing tunnel construction in Demirtaş of the High Speed ​​Train Construction, which will connect Bursa to Eskişehir, Ankara, Konya and Istanbul via Bilecik. The fire caused by the fire of the insulation materials was expected to extinguish on its own after taking the necessary precautions.

In the tunnel which is about 500 meters in Demirtaş Mevkii of Bursa which is located at the high speed train construction, fire broke out from the insulations installed in the 08.30 ranks this morning.

Workers who noticed the fire were taken out of the tunnel for a short time. The 7 fire truck, the 112 ambulance of 3 Emergency Service and a large number of police teams were referred to the scene.

The firefighters learned that there were puddles and mud in the tunnel, and began to wait around the tunnel for the insulating materials to burn off.

Investigations into the fire could not be determined for the reason of exit.


TCDD 1st Railway Group Manager Aşkın Gıcır, who made a statement about the fire in the tunnel of the High Speed ​​Train construction that will connect Bursa to Bilecik, said, “It was experienced when membranes were being made for water insulation in the 4th tunnel of our Fire High Speed ​​Train construction. Workers were immediately taken out of the tunnel. "The work will start again after the fire that caused damage only in the 48-meter section of the tunnel extinguishes itself."



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