No need to be a BRT in this stop

There is no need to be a metrobus at this stop: The system that solved the metrobust-grabbing ordeal in a way that is worthy of Istanbul was brought to life in Beylikdüzü.
Those who are waiting to get on the metrobus in order in two-row rows are surprising to those who are not used to such a calm table. The density of public transportation in Istanbul is well known. In this case, the opinion that k wolves ü should be used by the citizens to take up space in metrobuses has become a common opinion among the public and the social media. The reason for this is that people can be caught up in a ruthless metrobus. However, with the possibility of providing the width of the space at the last stop, Beylikdüzü acts very respectfully towards each other. Indicating that this situation has been going on since the opening of the stop Beyaz Akpınar Acting Amateur, this situation depends on the wide range of places to be convenient. For this order, "We told the citizen a bit of themselves helped, we have placed a nice system," said Akpınar, the arrival of the cars one by one and the opening of the doors to be certain that the effective place, he said.

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