Tender Announcement: Bojili freight wagon and box repair will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ)

Bojili freight wagon and crate partial repair will be purchased

The partial procurement of the BOILED CARGO WAGON AND SHORTS shall be procured according to the open tender procedure in accordance with the Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law 19. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below:
Tender Registration Number: 2014 / 111704
1 of Administration
b) Telephone and fax number: 3462251818 / 4699 - 3462235051
c) E-mail Address: auction@tudemsas.gov.tr
ç) The internet address of the tender document (if any): https://ekap.kik.gov.tr/EKAP/

2-The subject of the tender
a) Quality, type and quantity:
3 Pen 1-1 Quantity ECM Maintenance Supply Function Certificate 2-1 Wagon Repair Rehabilitation of Places 3-3750 Partial Repair of Wage Boxes and Boxes
Detailed information can be obtained from the administrative specification contained in the tender document in EKAP.
b) Delivery place: TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate SİVAS
c) Delivery date: The wagon repair building will be delivered to the contractor within 10 days following the commencement date. The Contractor shall make the necessary repairs and arrangements within 6 (Six) months at the latest from the date of commencement of work. At the end of the sixth month at the latest, the contractor will start to repair the cargo car wagon. At least one 125 wagon will be delivered to the contractor and the wagon will be repaired and delivered to TÜDEMSAŞ at least by the 125 wagon contractor. During the duration of the work, a total of at least 3750 cargo car wagons (with the priority of carriage wagon repair) shall be repaired. The delay penalty will be calculated over the number of non-delivered wagons. 10.2.1.TCDD can not provide enough wagons and due to the delays in the supply of the materials to be provided by TÜDEMSAŞ, the contractor will be given an additional period of impunity at the end of the contract for the period until the wagon can not be supplied and the period for which the material cannot be supplied.

3- Tender
a) Location: TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate SİVAS
b) Date and time: 23.10.2014 - 14: 00




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