Avcılar-Topkapi Metrobus way will change 1 week

Avcılar-Topkapı Metrobüs road will change in 1 week: Due to the work carried out in Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi metrobus station, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been carrying the metrobüs strip in the direction of Avcılar-Topkapı towards X-X-X week by means of the pedestrian connection to the metrobüs station. announced to be redirected.
In the statement made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), within the scope of the works carried out at the metrobus station in Kucukcekmece Cennet Mahallesi, due to pedestrian connection works to be made to the metrobus station from the pedestrian underpass, the metrobus strip in the direction of Avcilar-Topkapi for 1 week will be directed to the left lane of D-100 Highway Topkapı-Avcılar direction. was expressed.


Metrobus stop the end of the work stated in the statement, 'Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi metrobus station in order to provide a comfortable pedestrian and disabled access, the existing pedestrian overpass removed by removing. Instead, D-100 has reached its final stage in the construction of the new pedestrian underpass built under the highway. In order to make pedestrian connection to the metrobus station from the new pedestrian underpass, which is about to be completed, the metrobus station must be closed to the metrobus vehicle traffic in the direction of Avcılar-Topkapı. '


As a result of the studies, during the 1 week, the metrobüs track along the Avcılar-Topkapı direction will be directed to the left lane of the X-X-X-Highway Topkapı-Avcılar direction and the following statements are given:

'Works will continue at 26 September 2014 hours 22.00 and 3 October 2014, up to 06.00, 7 will continue for a day at an area of ​​200 meters. During the study, the metrobus strip in the direction of Avcılar-Topkapı, which is closed, will be directed to the left lane of D-100 Highway Topkapı-Avcılar direction in order to prevent the impact of BRT vehicles. All kinds of temporary signs and directions for the work in the 200 meter area will be carried out on site. '


Öner It is recommended that drivers use alternative routes so that the D-100 Highway is not affected by the traffic density to be experienced in the direction of Topkapı-Avcılar Açık, he said in the statement.


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