Asphalt Mobilization in Kızılpınar

Asphalt Mobilization in Kızılpınar: Tekirdağ's Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay, who initiated the asphalt mobilization in the Kızılpınar district of its district, frequently visits the neighborhood and supervises the work.
Çerkezköy Municipality has started asphalt mobilization under the name of construction repair on all roads in Kızılpınar neighborhood. Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay, works with the Director of Science Works Kemal Silver and City Council Member Nihat Mıstık Kızılpınar neighborhood repair and asphalted streets and streets were found. After his studies, President Akay ordered the completion of road works in Kızılpınar neighborhood.
Mayor Akay said, “We have been working hard to solve the road problem, which is the biggest problem of our Kızılpınar Neighborhood, as soon as possible. In addition to the road repair works we started in this neighborhood a while ago, we also started asphalting works. Repair and asphalting works will be carried out on approximately 20 streets and streets in our Kızılpınar Neighborhood. We started the work the previous day and we aim to finish it within 15 days if the weather is not rainy. We will complete our road works in a short time, ”said Kızılpınar Neighborhood residents.
Mayor Vahap Akay stated that they started the road repair and asphalting works in Kızılpınar District from Hürriyet Caddesi, one of the busiest streets of the neighborhood, and said, “As I mentioned, one of the biggest problems of our Kızılpınar neighborhood is the road problem because the roads are mole holes. As the municipality, we prepared a series of programs to solve the road problem of our neighborhood and started our work within the program we prepared. The repair and asphalting works that we started from Hürriyet Street will be carried out in 20 avenues and streets that are priority in our Kızılpınar District. We started to work on new roads and widening of existing roads in Ambardere Site the previous day. Our Science Teams are doing intensive road work in this region as well. We increase the road of Ambardere from six meters to 10 meters and open the unopened roads. There will be no unopened roads in the Ambardere location. We aim to complete the road works in this region in a short time, ”he said.
ÇerkezköyReminding that the Government Street, which is one of the busiest streets of Turkey, is sometimes locked in the face of heavy traffic, Mayor Akay said, “Government Street, one of the busiest streets of our district, cannot handle the increasing vehicle density in parallel with the increasing population of the district. We need to return the traffic flow to normal on this street. For this reason, in the coming days, we will start the expansion of our Government Street, ”he said.



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