Stair ordeal that does not walk in the Ankara metro

The staircase that does not walk in the Ankara metro: Some malfunctions in the Kızılay-Çayyolu line, which was recently completed in Ankara, cause difficulties for citizens in their travels.

One of the problems on the line in question is that the 60-step escalator at the National Library station of the subway does not work. The escalators in the section of the station leading to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources do not work, attracting the reaction of those who use the subway.

The person named Hüsamettin Coşkun, who reacted to this situation, which caused distress especially to the elderly and disabled citizens, reproached the authorities after climbing the stairs with difficulty. The enthusiasm of enthusiasm, “First build your ladder, then serve. I go and come every day I'm tired now. Look at the service. Look at the suffering I've been through. he expressed.

Cihan News Agency (Cihan) met with Ankara Metro's public relations unit officials on the situation and said that they received many complaints about escalators, the trains had not yet been delivered to the Ankara Metro from the carrier company, so they only told the company the complaints and followed up. .



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