The route of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT route is for political show purposes only.

The route of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line was determined only for political show: Ömür Kalkan, Head of the Sakarya Branch of the Turkish Transport Union, noted that the route of the High Speed ​​Train was determined only for political show.

Turkish Transportation Union Sakarya Branch President Ömür Kаlkan said, 'The High Speed ​​Train has started its operation. It is mentioned that 3 thousand passengers were transported in 150 months. But before the roads were closed 3 years ago, even more than the numbers were already being carried on these roads. Our trains running between Adapazarı - Haydarpaşa are not running at the moment. Our main line trains were not working. A large passenger potential is unfortunately overwhelmed by the capacity of the high-speed train. We want our Adapazarı - Haydarpaşa running trains back. We want to be involved in such a study. Because everyone understands how important this is, considering the reduction of traffic density and different factors. In addition, Arifiye station on the line of the High Speed ​​Train is a station representing Sakarya. But two YHT Arifiye also pauses. We want high speed train services and all trains to stop at Arifiye. The average duration of the YHT between Zirа Alifuatpaşa and Arifiye is 65 kilometers. In addition, the distance between Sapanca and Köseköy exceeds 200; n. After Köseköy, its average speed is between 100 and 120 kilometers. That is, the stopping of all trains in Arifiye will not cause a delay or delay for YHT for a very long time, 'he said.

Stating that the route of the High Speed ​​Train was determined for political show purposes, President Kalkаn said, 'Serious investments have been made for 10 years in the railways. Was it paid for? Between 2002 and 2013, 25 billion TL was spent. An allowance of 2014 billion lire was made for the railways in 9. 12 billion TL was spent in 34 years. If you ask whether the contradiction of this is correct, I think it was not taken. That is, the work of 34 billion, maybe 20 billion TL, or it was not done. Europe is also a fast train route kilometers of EUR 15 million in civаr ikеn, while Türkiye'dе is 18 million euros. Indeed, 3 million euros per kilometer is a huge figure. We think that there are correct studies in YHT drawing and its feasibility. This government had a project initiated by the previous government, the Ayaş project was a high-speed train project. 75 percent of the tunnel of this Ayaş line was finished. It was the main route. While determining the YHT routes, a route must be drawn as if drawn with a ruler. He used the words' very important in physical conditions.

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