Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project The approval of the Board of Directors is expected for the result of the tender for the construction of the tunnel security infrastructure

TCDD Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project Tunnel security infrastructure is expected to be approved by the Board of Directors for the result of the construction work tender

The evaluation works for the Genel Tunnel Security Infrastructure Production Genel tender under the Proj Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project Alty conducted by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) on 12 July 2013 were completed.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; TCDD Board of Directors approval is expected for the result of this tender. After the approval of the tender, the results of the tender will be announced to the firms again.
As known, Elitbay Construction and Silahtaroğlu Yol Yapı - Bülbüloğlu Construction joint venture appealed to the GCC for the result of the tender. The JCC, which evaluated the objection, decided to determine the corrective action in the tender.
As it will be remembered, the cost of the project was determined as 132.773.266,74 lira. Other firms participating in the tender were:
1. Adener Construction
2. Akkord Industrial Construction
3. Construction - Nuhoğlu Construction
4. Elitbay Construction
5. Fermak - Koçoğlu - Akçadağ Construction
6. Strong Construction
7. Karfen Construction
8. Makimsan Asphalt - Güneşyol Construction
9. Nas Construction
10. Okar Mining - Özsal Construction
11. Original Construction
12. Polat Road Construction - Enez İnşaat
13. Silahtaroğlu - Bülbüloğlu Construction
14. Tisan Construction - Miroğlu Construction
15. Vestan Engineering - Kyivmedrobud
16. Yertaş Construction
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1195 / 25 August 2014 (PA)

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