YHT is a good alternative for residents of Anatolia

YHT is a good alternative for those who live in Anatolia: On the way to Ankara, we said let's try the High Speed ​​Train-YHT. Our most important comparison item is THY, opposite of YHT.

You come from Pendik and arrive at 4 hours in the center of Ankara. Istanbul airport traffic, waiting time at the airport, flight, Esenboğa'dan time to travel to the city 4 hours. YHT is a good alternative for those who live on the Anatolian side but not for the European side. It should not be forgotten that the whole route is not suitable for YHT. That's why Istanbul-Eskişehir from time to time, the speed falls to 60 kilometers per hour. When the road rehabilitation is completed, we will have a real high speed train.

The journey is comfortable, but in service and presentation, YHT needs to work harder to achieve THY quality. While THY collects awards around the world every year in catering and friendly service, YHT's looks like the service of the second-class bus company.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:18

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