Full details of the metro accident in Istanbul

Full details of the subway accident in Istanbul: a subway car in Istanbul, industrial neighborhood between the steps of Seyrantepe run out of the track and slammed slabs. A broken iron pierced the wagon and got caught in the passengers by Fatih Çoban. Shepherd enters the iron hip shepherds, the train was not completely overturned in Istanbul, a tragedy survived cheaper.

One of the wagons of the Yenikapı Hacıosman metro was derailed during the scissor change yesterday morning from the industrial neighborhood of Seyrantepe. Wrecked wagon, slab slabs were placed on the edge of the construction work due to the construction work. One of the plates holding the plates broke through the door window of the subway car and went inside and pierced the buttocks of Fatih Çoban (33), a security guard in the front seat. Fatih Coban rescued fire crews about 40 minutes later.

Going to work

Fatih Coban, who worked as a security officer at a site in Gayrettepe, took the Yenikapı Hacıosman metro to go to his house in Seyrantepe at 09.15 yesterday. Çoban and approximately 30 passengers at the Sanayi Mahallesi stop passed to the transfer subway to Seyrantepe. Subway train, after a few minutes, 'Shaft 1 called' Construction, Turkey came under full part Touring and Automobile Corporation. Here, although the speed of the lowering of the scissors, the second wagon was derailed for a reason not yet determined. The wrecked wagon hit the steel panels that separated the rails and continued construction. Even though the wagon was derailment, one of the anchors holding the well-stretched sheet metal panels broke into the door of the wagon. Iron, Fatih Çoban sitting in the seat just outside the door of his thigh came over the calf. While the life market in the subway, the wagon ran to the door screaming screaming.


An internet user who claimed that he had passengers on the subway described his experiences as follows:: The subway started to tremble slightly, we didn't see it as a very abnormal situation, but after a while, the intensity of the shiver increased. We immediately pressed the emergency exit button on the subway and the sirens rang. Fortunately, there was an empty space on both sides of the subway, not on the wall, but on the right side where there was construction and construction workers. We asked them for help. The door opened and we started to leave. We wanted an ambulance and didn't arrive at the ambulance for 30 minutes. That man was wounded and kept lying on the floor. One of the survivors told the workers in the subway il Is there no health worker here? If anything happens to you, is anyone you can call? In but it was enough for the workers to be silent and summarize his situation. There is not much to say. Iye Upon the incident of accident, many ambulances and fire brigades were transferred to the metro stop. The first ones to replace the accident were the fire brigade and 112 teams. Firefighters, who went down the tunnel with oxygen cylinders, first cut the parts of the iron outside the body of Fatih Çoban's hips.

'TUNNEL could have fallen'

The shepherd was removed from the tunnel with the iron piece in his hip. One of the workers who worked in the tunnel during the accident said, çiler There was a sudden sound. We didn't understand what happened. We tried to run and help. We took the passengers out of the tunnel that we enter and go through. It would be very bad if the metro devrilse. There's another tunnel on the 30 meter. Maybe he could have fallen in there. Allah protected Allah. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), after the accident, technical analysis of the teams continue, detailed explanation will be made.

'It hurts a lot, but I have to go to work in the evening'

Private security guard Fatih Çoban, who was wounded with iron that penetrated his hip, was brought to the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital by ambulance. Receiving news of the incident father, retired superintendent Seref Çoban came to the hospital to meet his son on the gurney. To his father, ım I feel very hurt. I have to go to work tonight. When I conclude, Çoban was taken to surgery.

Probability of sabotage

METRON'S machinist Burhan Civelek, in his statement to the police, Civ I did not understand what happened. I don't know why the train derailed, Tren he said. The Istanbul Public Prosecutor decided to create an expert witness to the possibility of sabotage in the accident.


Accident in the subway car that a person who claimed that the Twitter user 'mukoyoko'ydu. Here are the tweets of 'mukoyoko's accident':
Time 09.31: The subway tunnel from Seychelles to the industry just crashed. I got injured in the 2 wagon (just because I'm there) !!
09.32: We just got out of the tunnel, they still haven't removed the wounded.
9.42: I'm still waiting here right now. I don't know where the ambulance comes from.
9.46: The ambulance has finally arrived!
9.53: They came from the fire department.
10.08: They took off the wound. They're taking her, she's alive. I can breathe now!
10.13: Turing's there. We climbed, we're going out now.
10.55: I couldn't do anything for the wounded. Nothing damn, damn it.

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