Non-streaming BRT

The direct metrobus was persecuted: The 34 BZ (Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu) and 34 AS (Avcılar-Söğütlüçeşme) lines, which were newly introduced in Istanbul under the name of direct transportation, enraged the passengers.

Metrobus stops, where the intensity was on line during work hours, began to intensify with new lines.

While trying to offer passengers a more comfortable journey with direct transportation, the application started to offer a more aggravated journey to the passengers.

While the excessive intensity and insufficient metrobus services at the stops from Beylikdüzü to Avcılar caused waiting for more than half an hour at the stops, the passengers with patience punched the metrobus vehicles they could not get on.

On the other hand, passengers who were tired of waiting, tried to get on the opposite direction by going to the first stops.


The so-called da lucky ü passengers who can ride the Metrobus do not end the persecution. Metrobuses that have been going on top of each other and have difficulty in breathing, have been in the buffer buffer because of the intensities of the buses.

The problems experienced in these days when the weather conditions are normal to the citizens, 'What will we do if it snows!' caused him to ask questions.




    1. I was taking the 40 minutes between Beylikdüzü-Zeytinburnu stops and now this time before your direct transportation project, 50 is now in the form of traffic, thanks to the fact that the opportunity to sit at the stops in zero, because the person who rides the first stop in a non-direct way to the chain and the willowl can go to no transformation is not possible in the metrobus sitting in the middle of the intermediate stops to sit sitting even came to be impossible to get in the morning nor the evening of work can not enter into the metrobus do not even need to know the math to know the morning 9 evening 6 gentlemen oliveburnu I'm going to do a day trial do you know how to transport infamous

      If you ask how it was before, let me tell you immediately. You could easily get on the metrobus from Beylikduz. You could easily get on the metrobus from time to time. Let's say you could not sit down and get back on the hunters and you had the opportunity to sit with a maximum loss of 3-5 minutes. To get on, go back 15 stops and cevizliI'm going to the vineyard, but there is the same disgrace, half the bus comes to that stop because you will understand that this system is infamy, just try it and see it.