Aksaray Metro Connects to Marmaray in October

Aksaray Metro connects to Marmaray in October: Aksaray - Yenikapı connection, which will connect Atatürk Airport to the Marmaray and Taksim - Hacıosman subways, is put into service in October. The line will be opened between Kartal - Atatürk Airport and 81.

Aksaray Metro, which is the only rail system line going to Atatürk Airport and Istanbul Bus Terminal, is connected to Marmaray. The construction of the 2012-meter Aksaray-Yenikapı connection, which started in 700, will be connected to the Anatolian side through the Marmaray line. The line will also connect Taksim, Levent, Mecidiyeköy, Maslak and Hacıosman with the Yenikapı - Taksim - Hacıosman subway integrated into Marmaray last February.


With the completion of the line, the roads that reach a few hours on normal days and become unbearable in case of traffic will be overcome in minutes. A citizen taking the Aksaray metro from Ataturk Airport, Marmaray, which are integrated lines and Kadıköy - You will be in Kartal in 81 minutes using Kartal metro and will only pay 5,55 TL.


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