What is the Department of Highways?

What is the Directorate of Highways: The road in Gönyeli-Boğaz, known as the old road, is full of potholes. Citizens who said that the warning signs and lighting in the road in question, the Directorate of Highways invited.
The neglect of Atatürk Street, known as the Gönyeli - Bosphorus old road, caused reactions from the locals. The lack of lighting on the road frequently used by those who will go to Girne or Güzelyurt due to the heavy traffic in the circle of Gönyeli, the pits on the road, the lack of warning signs on the roadside, the absence of barriers invite traffic accidents, as well as preparing the ground for the danger of human life in a possible traffic accident.
They informed the municipality
Drivers in the region in question, with the shortening of the sight of the air short, the driver is complaining that they can not see whether there are any walking at the roadside, while residents of the region had previously complained to the Municipality of Dikmen ald the road in question is the main road and is connected to the Department of Highways ”They said they received the answer.
”What do the highways do?“
Citizens using the road, Ataturk Caddesi's neglect of the road many times said that the cause of accidents. Or It doesn't care so much, what are the highways doing? Doesn't he use these roads? The taxpayers are expelled from their taxes., They said, lar Let the Highways Office move a little bit, let the maintenance of these and similar roads. Alın



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