Between Niger Railway Cooperation with Turkey

Railway Cooperation Between Turkey and Niger: Niger Republic Trade and Industry Minister Receiving Oumara, TCDD 3 Regional Directorate officials met in Izmir with the authorities received information about the work of TCDD systems.

The Minister of Niger Alma Aumarau, who came to Izmir as a guest of the Turkish Industrialists' Businessmen and Businessmen Confederation President Courtesy Emine Atasoy, came together with the officials of the TCDD 3. Regional Directorate. Minister Aumarau received information about TCDD's projects, working systems, national and international projects from TCDD Deputy Regional Director Muhsin Keçe. Muhsin Keçe, Deputy Director of TCDD 3rd Region, made a presentation to the Minister of Niger Alma Aumarau at the meeting. Felt, "TCDD last 3 years have done with that project with the Republic of Turkey and the railways were working with such networks," he said. Providing information about TCDD's High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works, Keçe said, “TCDD provides comfortable and safe services to the Turkish people in the transportation sector by making use of all the opportunities of technology. With the permission and approval of our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and our General Directorate of TCDD, we are ready to provide all kinds of information and support to the Republic of Niger in the technical field. he spoke.

Niger Republic Trade and Industry Minister Receiving Aumara is, after thanking for the presentation, "We will begin to collaborate in a protocol agreement at government level between the Niger government in the coming days in the Republic of Turkey Maritime Transport and TCDD in consultation with the Ministry of Communications Directorate General of the Republic of Niger Transport Directorate General . As the Niger government, we follow TCDD working systems projects and take them as examples. ” said.


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