315 thousand pounds of compensation to the family of the operator who died in the construction of the bridge

315 thousand pounds of compensation to the family of the operator who died in the construction of the bridge: 4 years ago worked in the bridge construction in Sakarya. contractor firm was sentenced to heavy compensation. The court decided that both companies would pay 7 thousand pounds for the relatives of the deceased worker.
10 workers in Istanbul, causing the death of workers after the elevator accident, workers' health and safety while discussions about the safety of a worker died in Sakarya construction work on the bridge with the contractor firm did not fulfill the necessary measures, the contractor firm, was condemned to pay heavy compensation. The subject matter of the case, 3, occurred in December 2010 in Sakarya. Y.İ., who works in a bridge construction, died from the cut concrete gap, falling from a height of about 7 meters. The family of the deceased worker filed a lawsuit against the contractor firm Özgür Eray Taş for compensation against the contractor firm and the contractor who did not receive the necessary occupational safety measures against the contractor.
The company, where the deceased worker worked, blamed the worker who died in his defense.Y. He stated that he did not implement occupational safety measures and that there were materials such as safety belts, hard hats, boots and safety glasses in the workplace. The contractor company, the dead machine worker in the construction of the road as a machine operator, the work is done during the event and the break was given, argued that the claims of the family is not true. Workers, the workplace occupational safety measures on behalf of the company that is working to implement the company that is working, the worker died of the use of protective materials claimed that he was responsible for claiming the case was rejected.
The expert also found the company working in the workplaces in the work areas to take the necessary measures to reduce the danger in dangerous areas, and the construction work did not fulfill the security measures in the ratio of the 50 ratio found to be defective. The contractor did not carry out the duty of inspection and did not adequately control the work done at the workplace and gave a defect in the percentage of 10. The expert report was accepted by the court. The court, the contractor firm and the contractor, decided to pay 145 one thousand pounds of material and 170 thousand pounds with the legal interest. Two companies sentenced to compensation appealed to the Supreme Court. If the decision is confirmed, the company will pay compensation to the family of the worker who died in proportion to his responsibilities.


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