'TOMA' at the 3rd bridge petition action

📩 24/11/2018 14:11

In the 3rd bridge petition action, TOMA: Northern Forests and Istanbul City Defense citizens who listened to the call after calling for a petition to say "stop" to the construction of the 3rd bridge and the North Marmara Highway, which caused thousands of trees to be plundered. and gathered in front of the Urban Planning Directorate's building in Balmumcu.
It started to gather in front of many urban buildings after the Northern Forests and Istanbul City Defense initiated a petition in front of the building of the Environment and Urban Planning Directorate located in Balmumcu, which started with the request of “Stop the 3rd bridge, apply the court decision”. Many environmental advocates came to Balmumcu for the petition action.
TOMAs drew attention
The deployment of the Social Incidents Response Tool in front of the Environment and Urbanization Directorate building in Balmumcu, where the petition action will be held, attracted attention. Citizens gathered in front of the Directorate of Environment and Urbanization to stop the construction of the 3rd bridge and to start the EIA process immediately could not hide their surprise when they saw the TOMAs deployed to the region.
Support from CHP deputies
CHP Istanbul Deputies Gürsel Tekin, Aykut Erdoğdu, Melda Onur and Mahmut Tanal also came to Balmumcu and supported the petition. The deputies held the banner in front of the building saying “Stop the 3rd bridge, apply the court decision”.
What happened?
3. The tender and construction of the Bridge and North Marmara Motorway project were initiated by the authorities, while dozens of cases were filed by the professional organizations and the 2013 was initiated by exemption from the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulation. However, recently, the Constitutional Court has revoked this provisional clause, which gives the EIA exemption to open, large and risky projects that trigger environmental degradation.
Although the court included '' projects that have passed the planning stage and the tender process started '', such as the third bridge, there was not the slightest attempt to initiate the EIA process, explicitly committing a constitutional crime on the grounds of "backwardness".

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