3.Airport birds fighter balloon and plane

3.First birds and airplanes to the birds of flight: against the flocks of birds that are the nightmare of the aircraft during the landing and departures, Istanbul's 3. A new method was developed in the area where the airport was built.

To keep the birds away from the airports, 35 tried to find the most compatible with nature within the different methods of the world.

2.5 time flight time

Because the storage area of ​​the storage area of ​​the birds, which is the feeding area of ​​birds, 3. close to the airport The authorities working to take measures to this effect, dozens of methods from audio signal system to herbal medicine. Unable to get results from these authorities, the world's widely used hunter bird balloons and model aircraft decided. Authorities, "2.5 hours Turkey's longest airborne model airplane was manufactured. The results were promising in favorable weather conditions. Uçuş

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