3 discount will be applied to the train ticket received online

A 3 percent discount will be applied to train tickets purchased online: TCDD will apply a 1 percent discount for tickets to be purchased via the internet, mobile applications and call center as of October 2014, 3.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), from October 1st to heavy demand from passengers, internet, call center, ticket sales through mobile applications and will restart the application discount of 3 percent.

In the statement made by TCDD, it was reminded that 1 percent discounted ticket sales were carried out on 30 February-1 April and 31 May-2014 August 3 in order to provide better service to passengers, to reduce the density of ticket offices and to popularize the increasing internet, mobile and call center sales.

The statement, the passengers showed great interest and demand on these sales channels to receive tickets from the 3 discount 1 2014 October XNUMX will be restarted as of October.



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