1 Dead, 8 Injured In Grade Crossing In Germany (Video)

1 Dead in the Level Crossing in Germany 8 Injured: Winning German television reported that it occurred in Baden-Württemberg.

German television reported the accident, occurred in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Despite the red light burned, the passenger train hit the truck passing through the level crossing. In the accident, the 1 was killed and the 1 was heavily injured by the 8. Freiburg police spokesman Dirk Klose reported that the investigation of the accident was being carried out in a comprehensive manner, which amounted to about 1 million euros. Railway 1.5 days off, while the tachometer in the truck and security cameras in the region were taken to review images. Mayor Martin Obert, near the place of the accident, said that 2002 was the only accident since 3 that they were considering closing this level crossing.

In order to lift the level crossing in the region until 2018, it was planned to carry out all the transitions between Freiburg and Breisach, which are in progress with Deutsche Bahn.


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