Tender for Road of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center

The tender for the road of the winter mountain tourism center for the star mountain was held: Work continues at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center. In this context, the tender will be held on the main road leading up to Yıldız in Yakupoğlan Village and the transportation problem of the region will end with the works to be carried out this year.

YLl me 9 km to be made in the tender of the Central District Services for the Village Service was carried out. Salih Ayhan, General Secretary of Special Provincial Administration, İbrahim Turan, Director of Village Services, Ahmet Yiğit, Member of Board of Directors, Mr. Ahmet Yiğit, Member of Provincial Assembly and Member of Tender of Turkey Aytеkin Kulmaç, Hüseyin Akpolat and technical staff following the project.

Within the scope of the road works, firstly gravel, watering and irrigation works will be carried out. Then, the first layer of asphalt surface coating will be done.

Asphalt surface coating work of the road, which was previously expanded and strengthened by the Special Provincial Administration Road and Transportation Services Directorate, will also be carried out by paving the surface, and transportation facilities will be provided at tourist center standards. The road, which is tendered for 1 million 189 thousand TL, will be completed within 45 days.

General Secretary Ayhan, who wishes that they expect the road planned to be built between the Çermık-Yıldız Mountain, which has become more important with the Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center project, said, 'We did the project. Between the Çermik and Yıldız Mountain, 53 kilometers, from the edge of the Yıldız River to the Çırçır sub-district, an improvement was made. Yоl was standard well before we built a 30 meter wide road on Yıldız-Yakupoğlan road. Now, we will prepare the lower structure and pour the asphalt with our tender. ' said.

Emphasizing that there is an intense work on Yıldız Mountain, Ayhän said, 'It will be much easier to reach Yıldız. With the works to be carried out, transportation will be provided at the standards of the tourism center. We plan to make line and traffic sign signs after the road works. In the Yıldız Project, feverish studies are continuing, Sivas Yıldız '; nа days count.' he spoke.


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