Crane overturned to the YHT line, what did the passengers do? (Photo gallery)

The crane was overturned on the YHT line, what the passengers did: YHT passengers in Arifiye moved to Istanbul by bus, while those waiting in Pendik moved to the capital with the YHT waiting in Arifiye.

Passengers who had to wait in Arifiye district due to the overturn of the crane to the high-speed train (YHT) line moved to Istanbul by bus, and those from Pendik to Ankara with YHT from Ankara.

A bus was allocated for passengers waiting in Arifiye and Pendik, because the crane, which is 55 meters high, 350 tons in weight and 180 tons of capacity, was rolled over the YHT line with two feet near the Körfez Station.

Passengers waiting in Arifiye Kartal-Kadıköy and the passengers from Ankara direction were transferred from Pendik to YHT in Arifiye by bus.

Passengers from Pendik moved to the capital with the YHT at Arifiye Train Station.


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 16:50

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