Yatağan-Kavaklıdere Highway Drivers

Yatağan-Kavaklıdere Highway Drivers Ransacked: The road construction, expansion and asphalting works between the Yatağan and Kavaklıdere districts of Muğla harassed their drivers.
The ongoing work between Yatağan and Kavaklıdere caused the drivers' reaction. A long time road construction work between the two towns has harassed the drivers who used the road. The drivers using the highway reacted to the situation by claiming that the asphalt on the road was excavated, so that the highway became unusable and that only occasional irrigation work was carried out in the working areas.
Drivers using the Yatagan-Kavaklidere Highway, the first time they saw such a work on the highway by leaving the highway in this way, other parts of the work done, this situation suggests that the owners of the vehicle has a hard time.
Drivers using the Yatağan-Kavaklıdere Highway: Karayolu The road is now unusable due to the use of tonnage-laden marble-loaded trucks. In many vehicles using the road, damage occurs every day. Because of the partial work done in different regions, we miss our old way. As drivers, we have a hard time every day, especially during the evening hours. There's no way to make way. We don't understand how that works. Make the excavated place, then dig other places or open. The road works completed in other cities during a construction season take years to Kavaklıdere road. We can't make sense of what this is like. We invite the contractor company to work more carefully. Müt



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