Elderly Couple Stuck in Metrobus Elevator

The elderly couple, who got stuck in the disabled elevator they took to go to the metrobus stop in Şişli Çağlayan, waited for hours to be rescued. Firefighters, ambulance and courthouse officers mobilized to save the couple, who were learned to have heart disease.

According to the information obtained, the incident took place in the elderly and disabled elevator on the side of Istanbul Justice Palace located in Çağlayan Metrobus Station. The couple Mehmet Ali Akın and Şehri Akın, who took the elevator to enter the metrobus stop, failed shortly after the door was closed.

The old couple, who started to wait inside when the elevator did not move on both sides, first explained their situation to the court officers in the neighborhood with 'sign language'. The security guards at the courthouse, who saw the incident, mobilized to save the Akin couple. The passengers also wanted to help the old couple. Meanwhile, Şehri Akın, who was learned to have a heart disease, got sick in the elevator and sat on the ground.

Arriving at the scene with the 112 Emergency Service crews, firefighters, made intensive efforts to rescue the couple. When the rescue work using tools such as lever and lever was not successful, the last window was lifted. At the same time, the officials of the elevator at the scene reached the scene.

On the other hand, their daughter, who learned that the old couple was staying in the elevator, rushed to the metrobus stop in Çağlayan. The girls, who were observed to be quite sad, said to the extended microphone, 'My mother and father. My mother has a heart disease, has a heart and blood pressure 'and shed tears.

While every attempt was made during the 2 hour-long rescue work, the lift technician reaching the area was moved down by moving the elevator after dealing with its settings.

Mehmet Ali Akın, one of the elderly couple stuck in the elevator that goes down, stated that his wife had heart, diabetes and blood pressure and said, 'It was very bad. I wasn't like that 'and hugged his daughter who came to them.

After the rescue efforts, the elderly couple was put in an ambulance, which was kept ready at the scene, and was transferred to the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital. Akin couple were reported to have been discharged after receiving outpatient treatment here.

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