Asphalt work on Ünye Ring Road

Asphalt work on Ünye Ring Road: It is reported that the last layer of asphalt work will be done on Ünye Ring Road.
Atilla Tatarhan, the Project Manager of the company that carried out the study, told reporters that the road would be closed to traffic for two months because of the work.
Tatarhan, stating that the work in question is currently in the lane going from Ordu to Samsun, he said:
“According to our plans, the work in this strip will take 15 days. At some points, we will have crossroads. In other words, if we include the weather conditions, I think there will be no traffic flow for a month. When the work here is over, we will move to the other lane. The same work will be done there. We estimate that the work in both directions of the road will take two months.



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