Expansion of Uludağ Road

Uludag Road Expansion: Bursa's most preferred promenade area Uludag investments in full speed, citizens want to expand the road.
Asphalt pavement work of the 30 kilometer Uludağ road, which has been damaged by many regional directorates, was awarded to 22 million liras. Icon Asphalt, which took the tender in November, in the region of snow falling after the Ramadan festival began feverish work. However, on the weekends, the new 10 bin vehicle uses Uludag Road along with new asphalting and also needs to expand the strip. By transferring a very big source of the state, indicating that the way of paving the 22 million pounds is an important investment, the AK Party announced that the 2023 Bursa city vision of the Uludag road until the end of the 3 strip to be made up to Coldpınar 2015 wants to be put into practice before the paving.
Mustafa İşçan, one of the licensed mountaineers who went to Uludağ for a walk every weekend and set up camp in Çobankaya during the summer months, stated that they have been complaining about the disturbances on the roads for years and said, “With the sensitivity of our new Governor Münir Karaloğlu, Highways finally started asphalting on the most important route of Bursa. However, one important detail of this paving work is overlooked. That is to make the road 3 lanes in the area before the national park until Soğukpınar. In the national park area, correction and widening should be done by building retaining walls in very sharp turns. We are pleased that the road that has been waiting badly for so many years has been asphalted. However, such a significant investment should be crowned with less costly road expansion. Using the 30 percent exploration increase, road widening work can be added. "It will be easier for Governor Karaloğlu to understand what we mean if he goes out to Uludağ in his car on a Sunday."
50 years establishing the camp Mustafa Celap Çobankayası, which is one of Turkey's most important tourist areas Uludag said he deserved such a way. Celap said, “There is a great interest in Uludağ on weekends, especially on hot summer days. Daily picnickers come to the areas where we camp. However, arrival and departure turns into anguish with the vehicle. Maybe there may be a decrease in vehicle traffic with the delivery of the cable car line to the hotels. However, the interest in Uludağ on the weekends will continue to grow with the increase of global warming. For this reason, the road to this beautiful mountain where people breathe with its streams and pine forests should be expanded as soon as possible. Although it was announced in the political program, the fact that such an expansion did not come to the agenda before the paving was probably due to the lack of interest of the political will on this issue. We expect the AK Party provincial administration to follow the issue, ”he said.
Emin Topyürek, one of the regulars of Uludağ, pointed out that the road in the national park area should be at least 10 meters wide at every section, “If the part up to the toll booths is increased to 3 lanes, will this asphalt be made again in 7 years? It is beneficial for the Highways authorities to reconsider the decision regarding the widening of the road and make the area up to the Soğukpınar crossroad into 3 lanes and the road within the national park area into a wide planned round trip road. The successful speed of the double road work in the hotels area shows the strength and practicality of the contractor firm. The path can be extended very easily with planning now. After 3-5 years, early transportation is easy without the expense of re-paving. With the introduction of new hotels in winter, more guests will come to Uludağ. "The road with heavy vehicle traffic in summer and winter should be expanded as soon as possible so that the cleaning works on the ground covered with snow can be carried out comfortably."



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