Asphalt works in Uğurlu, Üzümlü and Mahmutlar

📩 24/11/2018 14:04

Uğurlu, Üzümlü and Mahmutlar asphalt works: Alanya Municipality's Directorate of Science Affairs teams are working on road construction and asphalt works in the framework of the planned program. Uğurlu District of Karakız, Olukbaşı and Kocadam in the position of the 4 kilometer asphalt work is done, in the garden of Üzümlü neighborhood digging and shovel before the path is being expanded. The residents welcomed the work machines and thanked President Yücel for his services.
Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yucel, the planned work program, one-to-one citizens and muhtars met with the additional work program said that they have done. President Yücel, as well as the most neglected neighborhoods after these interviews, we especially evaluate and fulfill the demands of our citizens with disabilities as part of our social responsibility project. Today, our team has opened a new way to the home of a Turkish dialysis patient in Uğurlu neighborhood. We'il do asphalt from tomorrow. These works accompanied my team supervisors today. Our team supervisors connected to Science Works are continuing to work in constant communication with the headmen, 'he said.

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