The first stage of the Turkmenistan-Iranian railway is complete

The first stage of the Turkmenistan-Iran railway is complete: the Turkmenistan phase of the Northern South Railway project between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan-Iran was completed.

It has been reported that the construction of the North-South railway transportation corridor in Turkmenistan, built between Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran, has been completed.

In the news published on the website, the report on the completion of the construction of the part of the 'North - South railway transport corridor in Turkmenistan, which Satlik Satlikov, deputy Prime Minister responsible for Turkmenistan Transport and Communications, has described as having strategic importance, was presented to country leader Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov.

It was stated that the international railway was brought to the Iranian border and was ready to use. Railway stations, bridges and other related facilities were completed on the railway route. Thus, the infrastructure of a modern transportation and communication that meets international standards has been established.

In the report, it was stated that the entry into force of the North - South transportation corridor will lead to the development of the rich natural resources of the Balkan province of Turkmenistan, will provide many job opportunities, and will enable commercial products to reach not only Turkmenistan borders but also international markets.

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