Turkey re-woven by iron network

Turkey is spinning again with the iron network: entry into service late last week, High Speed ​​Train. Construction of the High Speed ​​Train line continues in many provinces. TCDD District 1 Director Hasan Warrant explains that split second that if construction of railway- lines all around Turkey. 100 year lines are being rebuilt. Stations are repaired and historical stations are restored.

Turkey was a dream he saw the High Speed ​​Train. First Başkent Ankara Eskişehir line was opened, then Konya met. He was very popular. Thanks to the High Speed ​​Train, there are those who sit in Konya and study in Capital Ankara, those who sit in Eskişehir, work in Başkent Ankara, and go shopping from Eskişehir to Başkent Ankara… However, Istanbul Eskişehir line did not end as fast as expected. Longing is long. The opening was postponed several times due to geographical difficulties on the line. It was finally opened on Friday, July 25 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On Sunday, July 27, it started its flights. Served for a week free of charge. As Yeni Şafak Pazar, we participated in a test drive before the High Speed ​​Train was opened. We traveled on the first Istanbul Capital Ankara expedition at 27 on Sunday, 06.15 July. We came back again by high speed train. We entered the machinist cockpit. We received information about the High Speed ​​Train from TCDD 1. Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli.


The High Speed ​​Train has received a lot of attention during and after the holiday. Finding tickets was a problem. When we went to Pendik station for the first time, the entire station was full. When the desire to be on the first voyage combined with the holiday, long queues were formed in front of the toll booths, and everyone was trying to find a place to travel. It was difficult to buy tickets in this crowd, of course. We also witnessed practices that reduce density. Those who had previously booked tickets were able to get on the train without printing their ticket by showing the PNR code sent via a message to their mobile phones. As it was the first time of the High Speed ​​Train, the curiosity of the passengers was high. When will it speed up, how many km will it go, where will it stop? sohbet made up their subjects. It was calculated at what time it would be in Eskişehir or the Capital Ankara, and it was checked whether it was reached at the specified times. Friends and partners were constantly informed by mobile phones.


High Speed ​​Train's wagons are wide and comfortable. Spaces for suitcases and suitcases are thought out. There are also sections for passengers who will travel with their wheelchairs. No sound or noise is heard due to the train journey. There is a slight jolt when the speed reaches 250 km/h. Seat widths and spacing are quite comfortable. This section also expands in Business Class. There are optional broadcasts from the screens behind each seat. Ears are dispersed when the train departs. There was also a family comedy, a cartoon for children, a broadcast promoting the bullet train, and a music broadcast as a first film. Passengers preferred more toast as food and tea as a soft drink in the dining car. In the wagons, the service carts were constantly moving around, selling tea, coffee and biscuits. There was a general air of contentment among the passengers traveling on the train. In places, absurd seats stood out in the wagons. It must be because the train is free. Those who made reservations didn't mind getting on. Fast shipping has completed 6 outbound and 6 inbound voyages without any problems. Our country is another asset. kazanwas.

I got a lot out of the thieves

Hasan Gedikli, Edirne, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, Bilecik, Eskişehir (up to the Enveriye station) region, and responsible for the lines and lines. He and his team also contributed to the construction of the high-speed train in the Istanbul Eskişehir region. Gebze Köseköy is a 100-year-old line. Electricity has passed from the bottom, water has passed, phone, natural gas has passed. There are lines we do not know. We had a hard time in those areas. We brought them to fast shifting standards. If it is one meter down, we lowered it by 2 meters. We removed some of it. The road has been completely rebuilt with its infrastructure ', explains Hasan Gedikli. In addition to these problems, geographic problems and of course the man factor were also introduced during the construction of the line. Hasan Gedikli said, 'We were doing the contracts permanently, the citizens were dismantling to cross the street. We have taken their precautions. We made underpasses and overpasses. They have to walk 50 meters and 100 meters and pass through them. We closed the level crossings. We patrolled our own teams permanently. Gendarmerie, police and trust forces were also on patrol. Because there was a lot of theft in both catheter and signalization. There were even electric shocks while stealing. These delayed our business. Many thieves were caught but released from the prosecution. Serious sanctions should be applied. '


Regional manager Hasan Gedikli states that the high-speed train opened the horizon of the employees of the establishment, and that TCDD has now got rid of the bulky structure. Confusingly, he says, 'Old employees like me are trying to keep up with the high-speed train.' At jiffy Turkey's Warrant explaining that if construction of railway- lines all around, 'Date stations were restored. New stations were built in some places. Some of them are still under construction. Capital city Ankara Sivas, Sivas Erzincan, Capital Ankara Izmir, Konya Karaman line constructions continue. 65 percent of Turkey when finished will have benefited from the high-speed train. We have renewed 100 years of roads on the Thrace side. For these roads, our General Manager Süleyman Karaman says, "Even when the train is stopped, it is off the road." We renew the old lines (inside the outline and station roads) by making the sub-building and electrification and signalization. We will operate in UIC standards. It is our duty to ensure that the passenger and the cargo reach the desired place safely and on time '.

Fast tr en will pass through Marmaray

A third line is built for freight trains. Thus, passenger trains and freight trains will be provided to travel on separate lines. Other trains, called conventional, will start later. Their work is also ongoing. High Speed ​​Train will run from Pendik to Haydarpaşa. Hasan Gedikli, 'Freight trains' will pass from Marmaray between 3 and 00.00 in the morning. The High Speed ​​Train is arranged according to the hours of the subway and passes through Marmaray. Halkalıwill go to. Some trains will stay in Haydarpaşa, some Halkalıwill move to. That pseudonym HalkalıThere is a garage for High Speed ​​Train in. "It will be finished in 2015," he says. It comes to mind that bus companies will be harmful in this regard, but Hasan Gedikli says that they have not received any reaction in this regard and adds, 'They will also benefit. We will take you from center to center. They will provide the next transportation. '

Young machinists use YHT

High Speed ​​Train machinists were selected among young people. Germany, Spain and Turkey were trained. We talked to two of them.

Hayrettin Yılmaz: I have been a mechanic for seven years. I have been working as a fast gear mechanic for 2.5 years. We received our training in 2 stages. Spain also was a part of a section in Turkey. Of course, these trainings should not be considered as one stage high speed training. Train machinists also need to be composed of machinists who know the line as a machinist for a long time, know their line capabilities and reactions, and have reached a certain experience that has developed themselves at this point. In this context, we were elected to this position with the suggestions of our superiors. I worked in Eskişehir Başkent Ankara and Başkent Ankara Konya lines. Now I am on the Istanbul Capital Ankara line. Our fast-paced country is a gigantic glasshouse. Attention here, the responsibility for your attrition is much more. Because the speed limits are too high, more attention is required due to the precision in your task. As someone who has moved from the conventional line to high speed train, I think I am working in a more visionary job. We get the best feeling from the satisfaction of the passengers. We have citizens who go from Eskişehir to Başkent Ankara every day. They rely on TCDD. Because we are committed to taking them to their jobs every day. We take it before it is late. We get very nice back turns in this regard. They are the most delightful moments of our profession. We touch the ground and use the vehicles with the highest speed. Our responsibility and effort also changes the way people look at us. They become more interested. They are more approachable and curious.

I've been in this profession for more than a year. 17 year diesel mother was a line machinist. I've been on the fast train for 15 years. On the high-speed train, compared to conventional trains, comfort and driving pleasure are more outstanding. I graduated from the Railway Vocational High School. I've been in the railway community since I was 3.5. I opened my eye on railways. The train is now part of our lives. It was also a source of pride for us to work on the high-speed train. I received my education in the entire turkey in railway centers.

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