Tourist center Kapuz the ruined bridge threatens


The tourist center Kapuzbaşı bridge at the end of a dangerous journey: the tourists reach the Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls at the end of a long journey, can not hide their admiration in the face of natural beauty. However, because the roads are narrow and winding, there are not enough picnic tables in the area, one has to cross the bridge to be demolished and the parking lot problem, visitors think that these beauties are marred.
The area where Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, famous for pouring down from the source as it falls, welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year. In summer, especially when the weather is hot, the number of visitors reaches the highest number. Expats are not returning to the countries they work without seeing this place.
While this is the case, the region cannot receive adequate service. One foot of the bridge on the creek is about to be demolished. Citizens who want to move are forced to use this bridge despite the danger.
It is possible to reach the Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls in two different ways. These roads are narrow, curvy and neglected to have a hard time for the drivers. Hot asphalt due to heat invites accidents.
There is also a shortage of parking lots within the area allocated as the National Park. Vehicles traveling on the roadside due to traveling vehicles have difficulty in traveling. Due to the parking problem from time to time the discussions and intervening in the process of trying to organize the gendarmerie is ending. The dislocation of some stones on the road causes damage to the vehicles.
One of the biggest problems of those who visit Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls is that there are not enough picnic tables in the area. Citizens who come to the region after a long journey have to have a picnic under the heat and on the stone-soil, while the garbage that visitors throw away smells. Not getting enough cleaning in the area does not go unnoticed. The fire burned by the picnickers near the waterfall, due to the lack of a barbecue area, creates an ugly appearance on the stones.
Despite all these shortcomings, citizens entering the area by paying a fee of 7 pounds, complains that they can not get enough service. Hacı Murat Kılıç, who stated that there is a place for everyone to see in terms of the natural beauty of this place, olduğun However, there are big deficiencies in road, parking and installation. This wonder of creation does not suit nature. Bu
Ayça Nuray Gomec, who said that she had come here for the first time and admired the natural beauty, stated that although the fee for entrance was taken, the service given was very lacking.
Suzan Kilic, who was passing by the bridge, was about to be demolished with her granddaughter. There is danger. My Lord has given beauty to these landscapes, but landscaping is very lacking. Rab
110 is located in the city center of Kayseri, Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls located in the 80 kilometer from Yahyalı district, Aladağlar National Park in the Hacer forests. 18 one thousand hectares of water falls within the area of ​​the most important feature, as the source is poured down. The altitude of the place where the waterfalls flow is 700 meters. The waterfall is fed by snow and glacial waters at Aladağ's peaks. On the two sides of the river Zamantı and on the head of a natural bridge covering the river, these waterfalls are located at the top of the 20 and the smaller one is at the height of 10.


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