Trams competing

Tramways are competing: IETT passengers are waiting for an interesting photo contest in Istanbul. IETT was founded in 1871.I'shared on the website. Participants are asked to pull the frame that is most similar to these photo frames and send them to the competition.

In order to create a visual memory, all the amateur and professional photographers can enter the website and animate the selected photo gallery and present the photos they have taken to the vote on the website.

Relief gift for the winner
Every week 'I tanidikmigeldi.coThe highest rated vote will be published on the LCD screens in the public transportation vehicles and stations in the institution and on the official site. The nostalgic tram relief, custom made to the winner of the week, will be presented as a gift. At the end of the project, IPAD will be presented to the owner of the most acclaimed work. The works in the project will be presented to the visitors in the exhibition to be held in the workshop. The contest will end on September at 12. Results 15 will be announced in September.



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