Tram arrives after 57 years to the Anatolian side of Istanbul

The tram arrived 57 year after the Anatolian side of Istanbul: In the 1860, the tram began to operate in European cities such as London and Paris. Arrived in Istanbul in 1871.

To reach the Üsküda by crossing the Bosphorus over the full 57 year would have to wait. The reason for this was the fact that statesmen had alleged corruption and unfair gain. Due to these fights, Üsküdar-Kısıklı tram, the first tramline on the Anatolian side, was only able to enter service in 1928.

The first trams in Istanbul 20 August 1869'de Concession results were given to Konstantin Karapano Efendi. Istanbul tram company founded by Karapano Efendi first opened the Karaköy-Beşiktaş-Ortaköy line. Then, respectively, Eminönü-Aksaray, Aksaray, Yedikule and Aksaray-Topkapı lines started to serve.

In addition to being a new transportation vehicle, the tram was cheaper than other means of transport. For this reason, it was adopted by Istanbulites in a short time. The trolley cars, called Katana, attracted to the ornament of the streets. The number of passengers increased, so it was normal for standing travelers and even those hanging on the tram.

In November, 1899 wanted to build steam-powered trams in the Belgian Henry Bormans, Üsküdar and surrounding areas; At the 1907, Justice Minister Abdurrahman Pasha wanted to make concessions to Üsküdar and its suburbs to make trams and bring electricity to the environment. Abdurrahman Pasha was a member of the Ottoman government. Other members of the government criticized him at the meeting, where the issue of the concession was discussed. The ministry accused them of trying to gain unjust advantage by using their influence.

Abused by the accusations, Abdurrahman Pasha reacted to the members of the government saying, üy You are looking out for foreign companies because you are jealous of my concession kıs. Sadrazam Mehmed Ferid Pasha, “There is nothing to be envied in this. We are trying to provide the benefit of the state Biz. Interior Minister Zeki Pasha went further, "You're after your own earnings, I get the money, the state wants to pay compensation if you act with the logic of the output," he came out. Then Abdurrahman Pasha replied, "You are touching my sanity." These discussions continue at length.

The tram has served Istanbul residents for about 90 years on the European side and 35 years on the Anatolian side. In the 1960s, it was decided to remove when the complaints started to increase due to slowing transportation. On the European side in 1961, Üsküdar in 1966 and Kadıköy At the airport, tram operations have been terminated.

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