Van OSB logistics city has reached the train tracks

Train rails were laid Van OSB logistics reached the city: Upon the laying of the train tracks, a logistics city was established within the Van Organized Industrial Zone campus.

As a result of the applications of the Board of the Van Organized Industrial Zone, the State Railways (DDY) authorities established the logistics city within the Van OSB campus on the laying of the railway tracks.

Making statements on the subject, Van OSB Chairman Necmeddin Çok said, “We know very well that our city of Serhat, Van, is famous for its historical texture and historical structure. The geographical location of our city whets the appetite of many countries. Every industrialist dreams of investing in Van. Because the location of Van is very different. Hopefully, the day our logistics city project starts operating, it will move forward in terms of trade and industry. " said.

Azal In Van, unemployment will be greatly reduced “
Giving information about the contributions Logistics City will provide to Van, President Çok stated that the logistics city will greatly affect unemployment and said, “Thanks to the logistics city, warehouses will be established, and the industrialist will be able to keep the product brought from Europe in our city with a storage system. Our city of Van will serve as a bridge between European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The products stored in Van will reach Van through the State Railways and from here they will be distributed to the whole world through highways. A storage system was built in Trabzon over the Black Sea for products that had previously come abroad. From now on, it will be able to be stored in our city of Van along with Trabzon. Products coming from Europe will be distributed to Middle Eastern countries via Van. In this way, we hope that unemployment will decrease substantially in our city. If strong investors come to our city, there will be no such thing as unemployment in our city. With this project, Van OSB will take its place among the best organized industrial zones in Turkey. " He spoke in the form.

"Our aim is to make Van economically very powerful"
Stating that as long as there is peace and security in Van, it will be the most attractive city in the region, Çok said, “We should not forget this, the most important issue is peace and security. As long as there is peace and security in our city, hopefully, our city will be the most attractive city in the region. We want the solution process to be successful. If the solution process is successful, our province will gain great momentum in every field. kazanwill work. Our aim is to make Van very strong economically.” used the phrases.

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