Trabzonu as a necklace with tunnels

Trabzon is knitting like necklaces with tunnels: Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu, who enlightened the public about the ongoing road investments in Trabzon, stated that the body of the Kanuni Boulevard, which has started all its tunnels, is emerging and said, "We surround Trabzon with roads, like a pearl necklace."
Illuminating the public about the ongoing investments in Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gumuscuoglu, all the tunnels started the body of the Kanuni Boulevard is coming out of the expression, "Trabzon, ways, such as pearl necklace," he said.
Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gumrukcuoglu made a statement on the road investments in progress in Trabzon under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, with the financing of General Directorate of Highways. Stating that the investments carried out in Trabzon as a stakeholder strictly follow President Gumuscuoglu, Trabzon, Trabzon, which will add more to the completion of the 23.7 km length of the work continued at the speed of the Kanuni Boulevard said.
Trabzon, a city of the world becomes bring the Gümrükçüoğlu said they were the target, "81 ranks fourth in yaşanılabilirlik criteria in provincial, municipal services, which have taken the second position in the direction xnumx't to Turkey's cleanest city of a huge project to improve our selected Trabzon'umuza We are continuing the financing of the General Directorate of Highways together with the contributions of the Ministry of Transportation. Kanuni Boulevard does not have a tunnel that has not started construction. It is a giant project of the Kanuni Boulevard with four crossroad intersections, with a bridge junction, with the arrival of three lanes. Currently, the body of this road, which is under construction of Bashirli tunnels, Akyazi tunnels, Bahçecik tunnels and Boztepe tunnels, has started to emerge. In the coming months, we will visit our work together with our press members on the Kanuni Boulevard. Anyone will see how we are surrounding Trabzon with a pearl necklace, Trabzon he said.
Erdoğdu is currently under construction.Karşıyaka In addition to the 12 km tunnel to be built on the Zigana Mountain, Mayor Gumrukcuoglu concluded his speech as follows: Half of them are already in use. There was a slowdown due to a number of legal and expropriation problems on the way to Uğurlu-Karşıyor. With these problems solved, we will continue our work with great speed. We're probably gonna end this road at the end of next year. In addition, all the projects of the 12 km Zigana tunnel were completed as promised by our Prime Minister and our current President when he arrived in Trabzon. With the devotion of the Ministry of Transport and General Directorate of Highways, it will be placed in the next year's program. We do not leave these projects alone. We follow up day and night to accelerate the studies. Our city will have undergone a great change and development in every aspect when these projects that we are continuing in this service journey we have started to make Trabzon one of the few cities of the world are completed.

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