Is Trabzonada Shipyard, Logistics center

Trabzonda Shipyard or Logistic center: Trabzon, Surmene district of Çamburnu planned construction, but the construction of the abandoned shipyard due to the crisis was abandoned, for the shipyard, which will start the shipyard, the Turkish Black Sea Exporters Union President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan'dan response was received.

In his press statement, Gürdoğan gave the following statements;

In order to achieve the export performance targeted for Trabzon and the Eastern Black Sea region in parallel with the target of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to be reached in 2023 for our country in 500, As a result, we carry out projects for the realization of these projects.

In this context, with the Ministries and local actors on the establishment of a Logistics Center or transfer center in Trabzon in order to bring the logistics facilities offered by the geography of the Eastern Black Sea Region to the economy, and to make Trabzon and the Eastern Black Sea Region a logistics base in the triangle of Central Asia, Middle East and Europe. agreed.

As the logistics center, the most appropriate field among the options offered by the relevant experts is; It has been determined by feasibility studies that the shipyard construction has been completed but the shipyard construction has been abandoned due to the global crisis in the world.

It is well-known that this area does not invest in Nur Tersanecilik A.Ş., a subsidiary of Çebi Group of Companies, which has been assigned to invest in a shipyard, during this time, ie after a completion and completion of the landfill site, it has not invested for a long time, citing the crisis in the shipyard sector around the world.

Within the framework of these developments, Çebi Group of Companies officials participated in the meeting held with the relevant Ministers, Provincial Deputies, Mayors, Provincial Governor, local actors and opinion leaders regarding the evaluation of this area as a logistics center or transfer center. because of the crisis in the ship sector on a global scale, they are open to invest in shipyards in this area and they are openly declared that they are ready to be involved in any investment for Trabzon and the Region in this area or if they are not.

These statements are clearly stated in the minutes and phone records for these meetings and as we can see from the attached press releases, our relevant Ministers and political sections have announced to the public that the logistics center will be built in the Sürmene-Çamburnu Shipyard filling area.

In our correspondence with the Ministry of Transportation (General Directorate of Shipyards and Coastal Structures), they clearly stated that they would take the evaluation of the projects of investors to the logistics center in case they were submitted to the parties. As the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union, we have been encouraged by Çebi Group of Companies to participate in all of our activities by taking the initiative of the Group itself.

But what is the story? Following the introduction of an intense investor demand on the announcement of the logistics center and the investors who are ready to invest and working meetings with our MPs and the relevant Ministers and presenting their projects; Despite declaring his abandonment, the shipyard began to undertake new investments under the name of investing, and started to lobby in the Ministries through various political sectors to re-grant this area after the allocation period.

Mr. Tayfun Çebi, a company official, waived only a small shipyard investment for the 60 turn of the area and the remaining area was planned as a logistic center or transfer center. by expressing what they have done, signed the report prepared on the subject.

The issue which disturbed the people of the Region, the 26 as stated in the article taken from the Ministry for the investment of the shipyard previously, is the economic contribution that the region is deprived of since the last 2009 has not been invested in the year. Even in the advertisements, the company declares that the shipyard permit process is completed on 5 July 17. However, it is clear from the Ministry that the permission is granted for the purpose of the construction of the land in the shipyard and the permission is given 2014 years ago.

Esteemed Public Opinion It should be noted that the objective of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union is to help all investors who will invest in the Region to increase the region's exports and achieve the 2023 year targets. Our investor will contribute to the economy of our region. We are at the disposal of every investor who will provide solidarity to the region's employment and economy, until today and we will continue to do so. Our goal is not to prevent anyone's investment.

However, we are in front of everyone who is prepared to invest and offer realistic projects in this regard and will prevent investments that will make a bigger economic contribution.
Our fellow countrymen and spread throughout Turkey from Trabzon to grow and we are always proud of our region and further growth we are proud. However, a large State resource, investing in an area where the public resource invested in the field, waiting for years, the most valuable investment land should be brought to the economy as soon as possible, while still in the hands of those who are still waiting to be invested in the hands of those who stand in front of the public interest and the interests of Trabzon are opposite .

We would like to express our respect to Mr. Yaşar Kaptan Çebi, the founder of our Çebi Group of Companies. We have not made any declarations for its targeting, but I would like to present it to the public's discretion that the officials of the company give this place in their mercenary press announcement.

As the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association, we will follow the investment in the Sürmene Çamburnu shipyard area, which was signed by Çebi Group of Companies as a public opinion of the company, after which some of the politicians announced to the members of the press for this investment ebi We will follow. In this gigantic area near the 2.800 period, anyone living in Trabzon and the region will make a great contribution to the economy. The expectation of Trabzon and the public is to make the greatest contribution to the people of the region, to make the investments that will make the city of 400s and the center of attraction of Trabzon. The public opinion will clearly see who is rightfully wrong over time.



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