For EXPO Challenge Rail System Line

EXPO Square rail system line for the ballot box: Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, 200 million pounds to the public to ask the giant investment.

A ballot box will be set up for the EXPO Meydan rail system line, one of the biggest investments in Antalya. Citizens living in 20 neighborhoods with borders on the transit route of the rail system line will go to the ballot box and vote on the rail system. To the people of Antalya living in these neighborhoods, "Do you want the rail system line?" The question will be asked. The rail system project will start at a great pace if it is approved by the citizens and will reach the 2016 EXPO opening. If the people of Antalya do not want the rail system line, the giant project will be canceled.


For the voting to be conducted within the framework of the jurisdiction of the polls to be given to municipalities, it was reported that the election committee was provided with sealed chests and voting booths, and voters' lists of neighborhoods were taken from the election board in order to determine the people who would vote in the elections. It was stated that for each neighborhood, polling boards consisting of muhtar, aza and municipal officials were formed and they would work for the smooth running of the voting and counting processes.

The people of Antalya, whose names are included in the electoral lists taken from the election board, will come to the mukhtars on Sunday, August 31 at 09.00 in the morning and cast their votes. The voting process will continue until 17.00:XNUMX. Sealed ballot boxes will be opened by ballot box committees and counts will be made on the same day.


President Menderes Türel said, “We will ask our people about important projects such as the rail system and urban transformation projects, and we will share them with our people. Our Prime Minister gave instructions, he immediately transferred the rail system to Antalya. kazanWe started to work on it. But I also want to get the opinion of the people on this issue. Related to this, we will put a ballot box in each of our neighborhoods on the rail system route, we will entrust the voter lists and the ballot boxes to our mukhtars. we will ask. If our citizens want it, it is the crown of our heads, and if they do not want it, there is no point in imposing it by force,” he said.

Neighborhoods to vote; “Muratpaşa Municipality; Kızıltoprak, Meydankavağı, Mehmetçik, Agriculture, Topçular, Yeşiloca, Yenigöl, Yeşilköy.

Municipality of Kepez; Göksu, Altınova Sinan.

Aksu Municipality; Cihadiye1, Güzelyurt, Soğucaksu, Konak, Hacıaliler, Macun, Barbaros, Çalkaya, Solak, Pınarlı ”.

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