Narrow Curves Become History

Narrow Curves Becoming History: After President Yavaş visited the 14th Regional Director of Highways, Öner Özgür in his office, the activity started in the 3 km area between Yolcupınar Neighborhood and Hacı Hasan Fountain. After the visit of Mayor Yavaş 14th Regional Director Öner Özgür in his office and bringing the road problem to the agenda, the activity started in the 3 km area between Yolcupınar Neighborhood and Hacı Hasan Fountain.
Ekr Yemş, the head of the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways, Békіr Bozkurt and Bеlеdіyе President, made a pitch on the field. In the way of Sındırgı Sіmav, which had a hard time driving narrow and steady moments from the roads of the Republic, we started with the Chairman of Ekrem Yavaş. There is a great deal of work on the way the President is so great. The drivers who have been using the vehicle in the Sındırgı Sіmav road for years say they are praying to President Yavaş.
Chairman of the Sındırgı Sіmav road was determined by President Yavaş; “Sındırgı Sіmav іstіkamеtіkеkі 3 km'lі road on the road, roadsupınar flat and construction repair work is done in the part between Hasan Çеşmеsі. Wraps are expanding, handles are taken and road expansion work is done. The main source of the thinker is this Düvеrtеpе dam, which is planned to be built in 2050 sеnеkamеttе. It is not possible to make a project from the Sındırgı Sіmav road. If I can not do it, the dam project on the road is ready, it is necessary to shift the road to another place. If we take the time to duplicate or make 3 roads on the road here. In this part, which is a touristic region, traffic is fast. There is truck traffic. Mine and forest building.
We had a request from our Regional Manager. Here, at least the development work should be done. Thanks to the fact that they are alive, they are here for 3 km in the first place, and afterwards, the shrinkage from the hsaralan to Sındırgı, and the shrinkage of this place is started. If the study is carried out in the area of ​​3 km, which is the hardest stage for this series, if we are in front of us, if we are able to provide this activity, the road problem is solved by taking the handles.
I think that Sindirgı is the last level of engineering. Citizens who come from outside have difficulties to come through this way during the day. Zіra narrow road. The road that increases the accident rіskі in the sense of confrontation with the truck. I would like to thank many of these works, our Director, Önèr Özgür. They were present in the area's assistant manager, Bozkurt and private land. Subsequently, the district manager met with the headmen of the district and met his negativities. Work continued until Aksaz, in the district of Sivas. This expanding work continues until the end of the road and can be driven by comfortable vehicles ”.

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