On the subway lines ringers also suffered officers

Metro services on the metro lines also incapacitated the officers: Turkish Bureau-Sen President Fahrettin Yokuş said that the bus services also caused the officers to be victimized.

Turkish Bureau-Sen President Fahrettin Yokus, Sincan and Çayyolu Due to the ring voyages on the metro lines, EGO flights passing through the Dumlupınar Boulevard were canceled and said, incan Officers will be the victims due to the bus services being removed. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality should not abandon this practice and make the civil servants and citizens victimized. Ankara

On the slope, business centers, public institutions and hospitals in the region will go to citizens and officials because of this application is reported to be a victim.

Slope, Public Institutions and organizations that work "Public Card" was given, but the "Public Card" in the subway and Ankaray, noting that, "the metro ringing services due to the implementation of the EGO flights passing through Dumlupınar Boulevard cause serious grievances The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, MTA, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Disaster Affairs, General Directorate, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Council of State, Secretary General of National Security Council, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock , TurkStat, General Directorate of Highways, TCA, Ministry of Economy, SSI, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Library, Undersecretariat of Treasury and thousands of staff working in Atatürk Hospital will be victims of this practice.,


Yokuş stressed that the personnel who could not take the service working in the public institutions would experience serious problems among the citizens working in these institutions or the citizens trying to go to the hospital. Yokuş said, em As Türk Büro-Sen, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality should prevent the victimization by canceling the EGO flights passing through the Dumlupınar Boulevard and the Metropolitan Municipality should not give up the practice and not the civil servants and citizens. We would like to review the decision taken by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and correct it mış.

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