Malfunctioning High-Speed ​​Train Saved Old Locomotives (Video)

High-Speed ​​Train Faulting The Old Locomotives Saved this way: Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train, the district of Izmit failed.

The High Speed ​​Train, which started its regular flights between Ankara and Istanbul after making its first voyage with the ceremony attended by the Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, gave its passengers a nightmare due to the electrical failure and the switch in the transformers last night. While trying to fix the electrical fault under the work space, the train coming from Ankara was pulled to Izmit Station by the diesel locomotive, and the train waiting at Izmit station to Köseköy station. In the meantime, it was seen that some passengers who were waiting for a few hours were taken from the train by their relatives with whom they communicated by phone at Izmit station.




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