High-speed train expectation of Kayseri is followed by Deputy Karayel

High-speed train expectation of Kayseri is followed by Deputy Karayel: AK Party Kayseri Deputy Yaşar Karayel was asked and answered the expectations of the city about the high-speed train in a television program he attended. Making a statement here, Karayel stated that he is one of the most closely following the high-speed train project.

Expressing that the high-speed train project started 6-7 years ago with the inclusion of the State Airports in the study project program, Deputy Karayel said, “The survey was done. At that time, the State Airports were responsible for these issues. The General Directorate of State Railways took these works completely under its responsibility. Afterwards, how Kayseri should benefit was discussed. When it was asked how Kayseri will bring the high speed train and how to do it, it was correct to pass the high speed train line to Ankara, Sivas and Ağrı. The minister of Sivas, Abdüllatif Şener, who was at the head of the state planning at that time and was affiliated with the government officials, became aware of our president afterwards because he was under his responsibility. Yozgat brought the Sivas line to the project stage and was put out to tender. The program was not changed again while it was brought to the tender stage. It was said that high speed train should come to Kayseri. A high-speed train was planned to be built between Yerköy and Kayseri. Production projects were overhauled. Everything is ready. It is included in the investment study price of the State Railways. There is work on this. Where will it go if we make this place by pre-tender. Even if Kayseri, Yerköy is built, where will it go if there is no main line. This is done because the public in Kayseri lacks detailed information about what to do and how. The main line should have been built from Kayseri. This is what happened when he was taken to the Sivas line due to the wrong and micro nationalism scourge. It would be the current line. This was normal. You could say urbanism, jealousy, micro nationalism. Or consider the initiative as abuse. " he spoke.

Yaşar Karayel stated that the tender will be held in May or June, and Ankara Ankara-Sivas line will be completed during 2018. It will be completed within that period. In 2018 it would be even finished on line from that line. We have no shortage. We will use it in 2020. X





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