The biggest problem in Karamanda is that the apartment managers are not working

Karamanda the biggest problem apartment managers do not work: Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, Karaman investment problems, but the only problem is that the apartment managers do not work, he said.


Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that Karaman has started to receive the investments it deserves in every field with more

Çağ Karaman emerges from the era of transportation. At present, there are construction sites in Karaman's 20 site and works are ongoing. We have always stood behind our goals and promises, and we continue to stand. In the year of 2015 there will be no problems on the road in Karaman and we will complete all of them. Fast train works are continuing rapidly. Konya-Karaman speed train, previously planned as 2017, will be put into service in 2015.Karaman-Ulukışla high-speed train is immediately auctioned. Daha


Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Lütfi Elvan stated that they experienced the biggest problem in Karaman, and that they lived in the department managers.

Dik There are so many principals, that does not get out of the chair, does not produce any work. I don't want that kind of understanding. They have to keep up with us, we have to solve the problem of the managers not working. Bize

Elvan made clear, explicit declarations that the principals were not working, and gave a top-to-end operation signal between apartment managers in the days ahead.



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