Toroslar Municipality Works on Asphalt

Asphalt Works of Toroslar Municipality: In the central district of Mersin, Toroslar Municipality continues its asphalt works in new neighborhoods.
According to a written statement made by the Municipality of Toroslar, in the summer months in the highlands of highland tourism in the context of technical inspections in the last, the Ayvagediği neighborhood in the Sinap area of ​​the poor roads were arranged with sub-ground work and the hot mixture was covered with asphalt.
Toroslar Mayor Hamit Tuna who examined the works carried out jointly with the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, stated that their aim is to enable the citizens to live in more decent and more regular environments. 6360 connects to the Municipality of Toroslar 37 which is one of the neighborhoods Ayvagediği'nın Sinap area of ​​the bad roads in the poor ground that they have finished the ground work, recording the Danube, now the road covered with asphalt, ği These neighborhoods live in the summer months, our citizens live in the highlands it is one. Hopefully, we would like to complete the group and connection roads in our new neighborhoods, which were previously in the villages and towns, in the summer months due to climate conditions. We are planning to complete the whole of this road we started in Sinap within a week. Sin

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