Statement by TCDD about Vangölü Ferry Management

TCDD from Vangölü description of the Ferry Service: Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Vangölü Ferry Plant in business and operations, reported that TCDD inspection made in accordance with the law, as in all workplaces.

In the statement made by TCDD, it was stated that the news about the Tello Aircraft murder, titled "Killed because of a report of corruption" published in a newspaper today, has been examined and it is deemed necessary to make a statement.

In the statement, which stated that the work and operations of TCDD in Vangölü Ferry Management, as in all workplaces, were carried out and inspected in accordance with the law, the following was recorded:

“A detailed investigation has been initiated regarding the allegations made by Özcan Yeniçeri, and although no findings have been found regarding the allegations so far, the investigation continues with care. In addition, with the complaint / notice petition sent to our organization by Tello Uçak, similar allegations in the regional press were processed, an investigation was initiated by the prosecutor's office and TCDD Inspection Board, and the report prepared as a result of the inspection was sent to Tatvan Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

In the statement, which stated that the investigation and investigation carried out by the Prosecutor's Office and the Inspection Board are continuing, “In summary, both the content of the Janissary's parliamentary questions and the content of the other denunciation petitions of Tello Aircraft were handled with great seriousness and attention. The judgment of the reasons for the murder is the subject of examination of the judicial authorities ”.

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