Tokat Industrial Site Is Getting Rid Of Pit Roads


Tokat Industrial Site is Getting Rid of Çukur Road: Municipal teams started to work to save Tokat Sanayi Sitesi from pothole roads and started asphalt works.
Asphalt works were started on the roads where the industrial site was formed for many years and the pits were formed due to lack of maintenance. Tokat Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu, who examined the works on site, noted that the roads felt in the industrial site would be paved. President of Tokat Small Industry Site Cooperative Fehmi Çankaya thanked President Eroğlu for the value given to industrial tradesmen and said, ise Asphalted almost every place we wanted on the industrial site. We are grateful for this. Our industry is very important in terms of foreigners coming to both our trades and industry. We are happy to solve the need for asphalt. Our president is right next to us on every issue. Başkan

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