Sivas Wagon Sandblasting and Painting Workshop (Photo Gallery)

Sivas Wagon Sandblasting and Painting Workshop: Since its inception, various types of 368 cargo wagons have been sandblasted and painting has been completed.

Sivas Wagon Sandblasting and Painting Workshop, which was established as the first fixed facility in TCDD on the surface cleaning and painting of the walls, crate and lower elements of the wagons, has been continuing its activities since 2012.

The workshop consists of two parts: sandblasting and painting. 9000m³ / h capacity 8 suction fan is used to prevent any emission to the environment. 8-10 bar produced from the compressor is sprayed on the surface of the wagon with compressed air and grit (steel ball) material is cleaned by removing old paint residues, oxides and residues on the surface. When the blasting process is over, pressurized gun with primer painting, gray oil painting processes, signs and writings are written and ready for service.

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